In the name of Allah,
the most Gracious,
the most Merciful

Nur an-Nadia, 21, Singapore


Want to be happier with your work in 2014? Take the advice of psychologist Shawn Achor, taken from his TEDxBloomington talk, The happy secret of better work."

Watch the whole talk here»

Sound advice here.

This also pretty much sums up a discussion we had earlier, and Sidi Mubarak shared a concept he had learned from Ernst Jünger’s ‘The Waldganger’.

"At one point, you will find that you are on the Titanic. It is bound to crash and sink. Embrace it! Embrace the horror, the destruction that is sure to come, for it is apparent, and find that the forest is really inside your heart. Essentially, make the most of where you are or the world you are in, despite its shortcomings and promise of failure - but don’t be a part of it."

  • 10 January 2014
  • 1725